co. Pirate

our story

Our dad has watched sports for many years and he would always highlight certain players.  They were not the biggest, fastest, nor the strongest, but they had what my dad called “this GRIT factor.”   We would say “GRIT factor…What’s that?”  He would tell us, it’s those players that go out there and put their whole heart into it.  We would listen for many years about these kinds of players and really learned to appreciate them.   On and off the field, our dad would always say to us, “Kids, it’s not about the win, but playing with heart…fighting til the end and never surrendering, no matter what!”  This concept really got us thinking.  So one day we were all sitting around and we had this funny image of a Grit Dog cartoon character.  Together we laughed and said “I Got This”.  We then decided that it would be fun to do a t-shirt with our Grit Dog and share this message of playing with GRIT.  It can be like a badge of honor, but of course it had to be cool and awesome.  Together we created this line of apparel for kids in hopes to inspire them to never give up. 

With Gritatude and Gratitude, Noah and Brayden